How to Easily Change Your Career

Changing a career is never easy, especially if you have to pay the bills, do a full-time job, and still work on your new career.

I’ve done it three times, and every time it was tough. I was studying Balkan languages and literature. When I finished it, I realized that there was no way to find a job in my country. So I decided to learn graphic design. I watched courses, read books on design, practiced a lot.

It took me several months to get into the field and start working on projects.

After a year, I was a full-time freelance graphic designer working remotely. I even managed to join a company where I stayed for two and a half years. And after that, I joined an agency where I stayed for a year.

I was freelancing meanwhile, and I have six years of experience in the design field so far.

But I could never stick to one thing, and I was always the most passionate about writing. I am changing my career again, I am working on being a full-time copywriter.

Here is how I do it and what always worked for me.


This is the most crucial step and the step where many of us fail. People find it hard to stay consistent and self-disciplined.

The initial motivation of the endeavor makes it seem appealing at first, but when you get into the trenches, the hard work starts, and motivation fades.

The process of improving or achieving something isn’t glamorous or very enjoyable. But if you want to change your career, you have to be prepared to work hard for a long time, sometimes for years.

It’s the same on Medium. Most articles by successful writers say that you have to publish at least 200 articles to earn some decent money. And you obviously can’t do it in a few days.

A tip:

Think about which part of the day you are the most productive and inspired, and work on achieving your new career then. For me, it’s the morning while drinking the first coffee. That’s when I write on Medium, read, or write poetry. It inspires me to start the day doing something I love.

Stay inspired

Read books and articles and watch TEDtalks from successful people in the career you want to achieve. Always stay informed. It will help you to work harder and achieve better results.

You can also reach out to someone already in the field in which you want to switch. People like to talk about themselves and will tell you their story and give helpful advice.

You can find them on Linkedin, in Facebook groups, or on any other social media.

No shortcut exists

Accept that there is no shortcut and you have to work hard. Every time I’ve tried to take my career in a new direction, it’s taken me longer than expected. Progress requires time, effort, commitment, and consistency. But if you are passionate about something, it won’t cause you stress and anxiety. Instead, you will enjoy the journey.